New Print Requirements and FAQ

I have never wanted to do this, but unfortunately, it was brought to my attention, of people ordering 1 print and then scanning them.  Now I understand everyone has a budget, but people need to realize that if you want me to be able to afford props and backdrops and give you a images with variety I have to earn money.  When you order 1 print and run off to Wal-Mart and scan it, you are doing so illegally and in doing that, I am not able to earn enough to buy the props etc.


Because of this I will now be implementing a minimum order requirement.  For any order to be processed it must reach a minimum of $100 before it will be sent to the lab.



What if I forgot a print or two from my order?

That is fine, if your initial purchase was over the minimum requirement and you forgot to get a pic or two for grandma it will be processed.

I purchased a baby package and was not wanting to spend that much on each session, do I get a refund on my remaining sessions)?

There will be no refunds on baby package sessions, feel free to combine two session orders in one to reach your order minimum.

Is this before or after taxes and discounts?

This is before taxes and after discounts.  So for your order to reach the minimum requirement it must total $110 before the discount is applied.  Then taxes will be applied after that.


I thank you for your understanding in this new requirement, as I said above, it is unfortunate that I must do this, but it is necessary for me to be able to provide this service.

Thank you




Enter to Win!!! (well if your pregnant)

So as most of you know I am the organizer of The Bellies & Babies Extravaganza

taking place on March 8 & 9th,

Well I got together with a couple of vendors and we have come up with something exciting!!!

So for the first time ever(well at our show) We are planning

for one lucky couple to have a live gender reveal!!!!

What?? You say.  Well here’s how its going to work,

expecting couples will have a chance to enter, all they have to do is, when they go for the ultrasound,

have the technician print out the gender of the baby, put it in a sealed envelope, then send it in to moi!

Now once I have the entries I will randomly draw a winner from the mix.

The lucky couple will be onstage when we reveal to them the gender of their baby!!

Now how is this exciting, well first off you’re going to have the whole thing photographed by Schmalz Photography,

you’re reaction, you’re guests reactions and the of course, the prizes!!

Now after you get over your intital excitement of what your having,

you will get a basket of goodies!

The basket will be filled with a photography package for your new baby

from Schmalz Photography

Joyous Occasions will be using their talents to decorate a special

area to surprise you with the gender of your baby( she really is awesome so go check out her page!)

Not to mention you are going to get a sweet smelling something from our Scentsy vendor Samantha Halcro

definitely make sure you check out her page!

Of course that’s not all!!

Amanda from Kid Chic Boutique 

is donating one of her little critters, you have got to check out these handmade teddies, they are simply adorable and

really, they aren’t teddies, they’re dragon’s and monkey’s and all sorts of cute critters!!

Next up on the list is Stinky Moose Diapers

really there’s nothing stinky about her business, well except for the

“stinking” cute stuff she’s got!!  She’s going to be donating a little something from her stash of goodies, make sure to check her out as well,

she’s got lotions and potions, diapers and nursing gear, everything you could need for mom

or baby and she is always carrying awesome eco-friendly and all natural products!

I don’t know about you, but I would want in on this!!!  We may even announce more sponsors and prizes!!

We do have a couple rules for you to follow, to get the chance to enter, first off,

we’d really love it if you could head over to these awesome companies on facebook and show them a little love, they are giving alot!!

Next up you can’t know the gender of your baby, it really doesn’t make it as much fun!!

Then make sure you and hubby can make it to the show on Saturday March 9th

in the Alberta building at the Lloydminster exhibition grounds,

Once you’ve got all that down pat,   remember to get your ultrasound tech, to put the gender in a sealed envelope,

next email me: Joyce at and I can pick up the envelope or you can pop it in the mail!

We will be picking a winner on February 25th, so get your entries in the mail!!

The Beginning of a New Year

So I realize my media marketing has been pretty silent as of late, why you ask?  Well I guess I’m getting tired. lol  This year I plan to take less clients, concentrate on my current clients and try to knock their socks off.  I have at times, just been going through the motions and have felt like I was stuck in a rut.  After a wonderful family holiday in Fernie, Bc, I got to relax a bit and start the year of with a fresh outlook on life.


Here’s a peek at a family picture we took in the mountains, of course it ended up being THE coldest day of our trip, but the pics still turned out great!

I would like to let all of my clients know that I am embarking on a new journey, a healthy one at that, for awhile now I have been very interested in eco-friendly products and believe that we need to, no matter how small,  try to leave less of a carbon footprint.  I have been very interested in nutrition and the organic side of food as well as how it all affects our body, so I have decided to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, you can follow my journey as I work towards my certification  I will be posting nutritional info that I learn along the way, healthy recipes and really whatever else happens to be on my mind!